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1) Are the products on the aBlogtoWatch Store designed by team aBlogtoWatch? 

Yes, they damn well are. We not only design them, but also select and source most components ourselves. Our amazing designers, Matt and Anita, have worked with team members to create the individual designs based on horological inspirations that are close to our hearts. 


2) Where are the products on the aBlogtoWatch Store made? 

Our amazing T-Shirts are printed in Budapest, Hungary by suppliers individually tested and selected by our Editorial Director and man on the grounds, David. They are never the result of off-the-shelf, dropshipped production: we went through countless T-Shirt blanks and prototyped with a host of printers and printing materials before we teamed up with our current experts and settled on the production techniques we saw to be the best.


3) Tell me about the T-Shirts I'm about to wear. 

Happy to! We started over 8 months ago with choosing blank shirts to source, wear and test. In the end, our round neck T-Shirts were chosen by the aBlogtoWatch team for quality, comfort and sustainability. Just because the luxury watch industry isn't keen on the matter, doesn't mean we can't be! 

– The T-shirts are 100% OCS Certified organically grown combed cotton. “OCS 100” covers the processing, manufacturing, packaging, labelling, trading and distribution of a product that contains at least 95 percent certified ‘organic’ materials.

 – They are so-called ring-spun cotton for enhanced comfort, which means that they are super soft to touch and wear.

– With a weight of 140g/m2, they provide the perfect balance between weight and ventilation. We have tested some heavy-duty 180g/m2 shirts, but trust us: you’ll need those from us only for the coldest months of the year.

– They sport a modern cut that we found to be the ideal fit on all sizes.


4) Where are the products shipping from? 

The products are shipped using FedEx standard (5-8 day) or FedEx expedited (guaranteed 1-3 day) to your door directly from our team in Hungary.


5) How do I return products?

Please contact us.


6) How do I care for my aBlogtoWatch T-Shirts? 

We're glad that you asked! Be sure to wash them with inside out to protect the print. Wash with similar colors and with cold water, on temperatures below 85°F / 30°C. Iron them inside out, and never over the prints. Tumble drying them on low is fine, don't heat dry them with excessive heat.


7) How do I care for my watch pouches? 

For this, let us quote Holland & Sherry, the world-renowned fabric mill and the manufacturer of the fabrics we use for our pouches. Fabrics should be brushed frequently to remove dirt, stains should be blotted immediately, not rubbed.

Creased fabrics recover well in a humid environment. Place them somewhere damp and warm, such as a bathroom, or vaporize them lightly with water.

Store your pouch in a breathable bag for protection.


8) Can I share my own watch- and horology related product ideas? 

By all means! We would be happy to make special edition prints and embroideries in limited quantities.

Thank you for reading our FAQ!