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Art Tribute To The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 6263: New Horological Artwork On The aBlogtoWatch Store



The aBlogtoWatch team is thrilled to debut what is, without a doubt, our most complex horological artwork project to date: paying Art Tribute To The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 6263 together with our featured horological artist, Tamás Fehér. We are offering for sale in the official aBlogtoWatch Store the stunningly high-end prints of this exquisitely hand-drawn artwork, each signed by the artist and including the customer’s name on the card of authenticity. Full of incredible up-close details, all realized by hand — let’s d(r)ive in and discover all that has gone into making this affordable watch drawing to decorate your home or office with.

Available in A3, B2, and B1 sized prints of exceptional quality, you may get your Art Tribute To The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 6263 from the aBlogtoWatch Store for $149, $199 and $299, respectively, all with fix-rate $15 FedEx Priority Shipping to just about every country in the world.




120 hours of work to go from a blank piece of paper to a finished artwork – we go for the highest grade of printing technology and archival paper to capture it all in our affordable prints.

We performed extensive research on period ads, catalogs, and imagery on vintage Cosmograph Daytona references to ultimately settle on what many consider one of the finest modern chronograph wristwatches: the coveted Rolex Cosmograph Daytona reference 6263. Launched in the early 1970s, about seven years after the debut of the Rolex Cosmograph with screw-down pushers, a 37mm case, and still a hand-wound Valjoux 727 movement, we chose the panda dial version with the black bezel because we imagined it would look best against the theme we had in mind to better highlight the collection’s historic ties to motorsports.


 The custom-made checkered flag was commissioned so that we could create the perfect background for the chronograph of motorsports.

The idea was to feature a checkered flag that was first pictured to end a motor race in 1906 – and has been associated with racing ever since. As it turned out, a custom flag maker had to be found and commissioned the right flag in the right size. Once the bespoke flag came in, stuffed toys and other household items were used to prop the flag to the right setting before it could be captured in drawing.




The end result is a stunning three-dimensional effect that is sure to grab everyone’s attention when first entering the room. This dynamic flag seems to come alive and wave in front of one’s eyes, serving as the perfect backdrop for what is a comparably high-contrast, dynamic, yet purposeful design: the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 6263, rendered in stainless steel with a black acrylic bezel and acrylic box-shaped front crystal.




The effect is amazing not only from several feet away. Walk up close to this horological artwork and take in the incredible detail, all drawn up one line after the other by one artist equipped with limitless patience and dexterity. See, above, how the fluted edges of the screw-down chronograph start-stop pusher reflect the light realistically or imagine the effort required to draw up the 1/5th of a second markers set between each of the minute markers on the dial – including the way the box acrylic crystal distorts and splits these lines into thousands of individual markers across the full periphery of the Cosmograph 6263. The tritium markers are also present, as are the period-correct typefaces and surface treatments all across this beautiful chronograph.




Browse a total of 16 Horological Artworks on the aBlogtoWatch Store or visit this link directly to get your “Art Tribute To The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 6263” in the popular and easy-to-frame sizes of A3, B2, and extra-large B1 (exact measurements are on the product page), priced at $149, $199 and $299, respectively, with discounted $15 FedEx Priority Shipping to just about every country in the world.

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